Crabgrass – How to Prevent It

How to Prevent It

Last summer you did all you could to get rid of that horrible crabgrass infesting your lawn. You tugged and pulled with your hands, you spread chemicals advertised to kill crabgrass, and you even thought about just starting over with new sod. Eventually though, fall came, and the first frost seemed to kill off the surviving weeds. Finally, it was over. Or so you thought.

Now, spring is around the corner and you’re starting to get nervous about that dreadfully stubborn weed reappearing. Is there anything you can do to prevent it from coming back? Fortunately, there is, and spring time is the perfect time to do that.

Crabgrass spreads very quickly in the warm summer months of the year, and each plant can produce up to 1,000 seeds that spread throughout your lawn. While the first frost of the year may kill off those plants that you weren’t able to get to, the seeds remain stuck to the ground, waiting for the next year to sprout.

If you can kill these seeds as they sprout, then you will be able to prevent your lawn from being infested. But how do you kill thousands of seeds that you can’t see? This is where our spring pre-emergent herbicide mix comes into play. Sometime between your first lawn mowing of the year and ground temperatures reaching 60 degrees, pre-emergent herbicide granules need to be applied to your lawn. This creates a chemical barrier at the surface of your lawn that will prevent the crabgrass seeds from even sprouting.

Crabgrass is best controlled by prevention, but it all rests in the timing of your chemical application. If applied too early or too late, the preventative measures will have been in vain. Lucky for you, our technicians are expertly trained to be able to know the how, where, and when that is needed for each chemical application they provide. Many companies that offer similar services are money and time focused. Rather than caring about individual customers and their lawns, they get in and out as quickly as they can in order to make the most of their money. However, that is not the case for our company.

At Absolute Green Landscaping, we strive for the complete satisfaction of every customer. Our technicians are trained to take sufficient time and care at each lawn, so that there are no signs of missed treatment in the following months. We take special care to cover problem areas, such as the edges around the lawn and by the driveway. We do not skimp on time in order to save an extra buck. We want you to be happy. Let us help you enjoy a beautiful, weed free lawn this coming summer.

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