Lawn fertilizer and Weed Control

Our basic plan is 8 visits per year and includes fertilizer, weed control, and lime.  This helps keep the lawn green during the growing season and keeps the weeds controlled year round. I would say about 95% of our clients choose the 8 treatments per year plan.  We also offer a 10 service plan and a 12 service plan.

Lawn Aeration

Ga soils tend to have a lot of hard compacted clay.  This makes is hard for the rain and fertilizer to get down to the roots.  Aeration at the beginning of the growing season will loosen the soil to allow the water and fertilizer to get down to the roots more easily.  Bermuda, Zoysia, and Centipede should be aerated at least annually in the early summer months.  Fescue needs to be aerated and overseeded every fall.

Fescue Overseeding

We only overseed fescue.  Fescue is a northern grass and does not really like the summer heat.  every year about 25% of fescue dies or gets damaged during the hottest months of the year.  This is why we always need overseed fescue lawns in Ga. It is best to aerate and overseed on the same day.

Lawn pest control

This targets ants and other lawn pests.  This can be done either upon request or on a schedule.  Most of our pest control clients do 5 pest treatments per year.

Let us green up your lawn this year!

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