Wild Violets Facts

What does it look like?
Wild Violets grow in clumps. Heart shaped leaves. The flowers have five petals and are usually purple but can also be white or yellow. Each flower has its own leafless stalk. The flower has an inner white area and is somewhat hairy. The flowers droop slightly. The leaves edges are serrated and hairless.

Why do I have it? 

Most often found in shady habitats. Can live more than two years. Keep grass dense. Self seeding weed.

When will it grow? 

Wild Violets grow in the winter time, early spring and summer. Flowers die off during the heat of the summer, but the leaves can remain.

How can I prevent it? 

Fall pre-emergent applications to kill the seeds before they can bloom in the spring. Hard to kill without chemical use. If applied in the fall, the pre-emergent has a better chance of making it to the roots and killing the weed all together. If sprayed in the spring or summer, only the surface leaves will be killed and the roots that remain intact will allow the plant to come back quickly. 

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